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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

For those of you who get excited when you hear the word: free….

This site offers you basically free paperback books.  I say basically because you have to sign up as a member and then post 9 or 10 books that you want to or at least are willing to give up should another member request it from you.  The deal is that you essentially get to swap books with other members.  If you see something on the site that you want you can request it and then someone will send it to you at no cost.  You do not spend money on this site, you spend credits and you earn credits by shipping books on your list when they are requested by other members.  Check out the website as it may be a good option for you and it is possible that you may be able to order books that we are reading in our group from that website for free.  This is an especially good idea if you have even a short stack of books that you have been thinking of giving away or that you know you will never read again.  FYI, this site, at this time, does not have our February 2010 book, so do not get your hopes up yet, however, in the future when we venture in to some classics, you have a high percentage rate of finding a copy for free.

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