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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

This is our reading group’s raffle page.  I am guessing you are thinking, “What is a raffle page?”  I will tell you.

This is how it works:  On the tabs at the top of the blog page you will find one titled “Book Raffle” and on this page books will be listed that have the potential of being selected for reading in the coming months.  I’ll put up a picture, the title, author and a brief description.  You can check them out and read the info and then comment on how interesting or how boring it sounds to you.  You can also comment in with suggestions of things that you want to read and think may be a good selection for our club.  Books that get the most positive feedback will most likely be used at some point and books that get no comments or negative feedback will have no friends.  We will be sad for those books, but we most likely will not read them as a group.

This is the place to start that online community feeling.  This is the place to let your opinions be heard, to start “meeting” your fellow reading group members, and to take some ownership and really start to make this club your own by being apart of the choices made.


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