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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

One of the books for March will be Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem.  A few of you put in your votes for this book during the March month so here it is.  I wanted to post it early since I know a few of you had some delay issues getting or finding copies of the February book.  Start ordering your copies of Chronic City now so we can all benefit from lively discussions come March.

New things to come:
From now on each month I will post two reading options each month.  You can all select one or the other or both books to read and discuss.  This way if you happen to not like the one book selected, hopefully you will want to read the other option.  The entire idea behind this reading group is that is trying to cater to you (the readers and participants) in order to make this a different and unique experience.  I want you to feel ownership and a connection.  I want there to be as many options as possible within the format of this group to offter opportunities for you to be involved and reading.  If anyone has suggestions for this group, please feel free to tell me.  Let’s continue to build this reading group together.

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