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I keep a reading journal + I have an obsession with Moleskine notebooks = My life is in Moleskine notebooks.

I have been sincerely in love with Moleskine notebooks for as long as I can remember.  At times, I buy them at a higher rate than I have a chance to use them and currently even, I have a drawer full of blank ones awaiting some part of my mind and life to infiltrate and claim their pages and to be encompassed by their binding.  It’s an aesthetic I will not part with.  I love Moleskine notebooks.  One of the most active notebooks I keep is my reading journal.  I do not review books in them, but I simply keep a running list of books I buy each month and books I read each month.  Excuse the blurry picture, but it was as best as I could take for the moment to illustrate:

Each page is dedicated to a month and the top list are the books I have purchased during that month and the later list are the books read during that month.  I use them so much that from time to time I take a look around the Moleskine world to see what new products, if any, are being released.  This morning I took this particular look around and discovered, much to me delight, there is a new launch of products that have very recently hit North America.

Moleskine is releasing a new line of notebooks, a collection of 6, that they are calling Moleskine Passions.

This collection includes a recipe journal, film journal, wellness journal, wine journal, music journal and well and behold: a book journal.  Bingo!  I ordered one this morning and am terribly excited to try it out.  Of course, it’s not necessary to buy the specific “book journal” in order to keep a book or reading journal, but I have long been a fan of Moleskine’s classicism and intuition.  They are simple, clean, and user friendly so I’m thrilled to see what their version of a book journal amounts to.  Besides, if Mona Lisa used Moleskines, how can I not?

I have to confess that I read the Moleskine blog as well as an individual’s blog, which is also dedicated to Moleskines.  And I didn’t stop there.  I even ventured over to to look at video features of specific people’s Moleskine notebooks that were filmed and shown at the notebook convention.  While on nerdy binge, I discovered an entirely new product I had never heard of:  Rickshaw Bags.

I, for a long time now, have been loyal of Timbuk2 bags and use their small size bag daily as a replacement to a purse.  Usually, when I find a product that I absolutely love and fits me, I continue to use them and will often replace old products with new products of the same brand.  This had been, until this very morning, what I was doing with Timbuk2.  Timbuk2 may very well now be replaced with Rickshaw bags.  Granted, this is not technical because I have not yet had a chance to purchase a Rickshaw bag, but it is an official investigation.  Not only are Rickshaw bags made out of recycled products (they turn plastic bottles into fabric) the founder and CEO, Mark Dwight, a fellow obsessive Moleskine user has created, in his bags, specific Moleskine pockets.  Custom Moleskine pockets, people!

So… you should all check out Moleskines if you have never used them.  And we should all check out Rickshaw bags because it’s important to support the leaders in making recycled products.  Not to mention, Mark Dwight, is a genius designer in my humble opinion, but then again the entire industry thinks so as well.


Rickshaw Bags

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