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S U N D A Y  B U Z Z

Sunday – the day people make their last strides towards productive weekend reading before heading back to work Monday morning.

My reading goal for this weekend is to finish reading What is the What by Dave Eggers.  Last night, I knocked down about 100 pages, but that puts me at about 203 out of 535.  It does not look likely for me to finish today.  Even if I spent the entire day reading, which sounds lovely, but I cannot isolate myself today.  It is just in the cards this weekend.

I am behind on my reading goals for the month.  February being a short month I had hoped to get 4 books read.  Since I am also behind on my reading goals for the year I wanted an evenly balanced month: one that would provide a challenge, since I have been slow thus far, and one that was not entirely overwhelming, so that I would be motivated and not defeated before I attempted.

Here is my thinking:  If I can finish my current reading, the rest of the 300 some odd pages by Wednesday, then I can spend the rest of the week reading one of the books in my To Be Read pile that is 300 pages or under.  And if I can finish this by Friday night before lights out, I will have the weekend open to start another lengthy read if my desire so decides.

These are my thoughts and plans for the next few days.  I also wanted to express that I have added two books to my nightstand pile: Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby & The Best American Essays of the Century with Joyce Carol Oates editing.

Last week, I ordered a Moleskine Book Journal and it arrived yesterday in the mail.  It is beautiful and I cannot wait to start using it more frequently.  I wanted you all to see the basic layout I am using so that if you decide to keep a reading journal of your own (which I strongly encourage) you can possibly glean some ideas off of this example and off of my last post regarding Moleskines.

Reading with Sea is still accepting new members. To join, simply email subscribe and then I’ll email the welcome wagon to your for more information on how to get started.

That’s my rant for this week’s Sunday Buzz.  Feel free to let me know what you are reading.

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