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Reading With Sea

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Here we are at Monday.  It’s the start of the week for most, the day the masses mourn the loss of the weekend and look forward with great anticipation to the next.  Here is how my weekend ended:

After my Sunday attempt at gaining a lot ground in the book I am currently reading, I only ended up reading from page 203 to page 265.  I still think I am on track to finishing it by my goal: Wednesday, but I do wish that I could have read much more than I did.  The fact that I now have this new and amazing looking reading journal that I desperately want to have more things to write in, is only spurring me on in my reading ambitions.

After searching my bookshelves and flipping through books, some many, many times, yesterday I believe I finally decided what I will be reading next:  The Year of Wishful Thinking by Joan Didion.  This book won the National Book Award, which is the award that I pay the most attention to.  Joan Didion has written several novels and even more non-fiction collections.  She is, in my opinion, the best essay writer out there.  She is a master writer, story teller and she is one of the bravest writers in history.  This is all in my humble opinion.  If you have never read any of her work I highly, highly recommend it.  I wish I could think of a better word than “recommend”, but I cannot.  Either way, check it out.  Specifically, begin with Slouching Towards Bethlehem.

How did your weekend attempts go?

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