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Reading With Sea

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Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.

By the end of today, I am suppose to have finished my current read, What is the What by Dave Eggers.  Sometimes, I have an accurate read on how my days will play out; the moments that will linger, the hours that readily disappear like the snap of a finger or the blink of an eye.

Yesterday, I felt like I was still on schedule to finish this book, but this morning I am looking down at page 319 and knowing that I fell asleep reading last night and did not end up being as productive as I had wanted to be.  I am not giving up.  Though I have a copious amount of pages left to read (219 ) for the day I have ahead of me – my goal remains to finish this book today.  There are numerous things on my plate to be done today, this book is only, but one of the items to check off on the list.

I am still thinking about Joan Didion’s The Year of Wishful Thinking for my next read, but I just got Paris Trout by Pete Dexter and I am incredibly interested in this book.  Ideally, by next Monday I will have both read since they are only combined 500 pages or so.

I just felt a gust of confidence and I am letting it sweep me off my feet.  I will finish this book today!  I am way too excited to have another book read for the month not to have it finished before I close my eyes tonight.  Check back tomorrow to see if coffee and I have conquered the world together or at least finished this book.

I was just speaking with my friend Robin and your fellow member and he told me that he speed reads.  He said his top speed is 600 pages in 5 hours.  I tell him he has super powers.  He says he does not.  I argue with him.  He argues with me.  He says he is not Super Man so I call him Wonder Reader.  Eventually he says, “I just like to read.”

I figured we should let the people decide, so people: Does Robin have super reading powers?

Until tomorrow, what is your Wednesday rant?

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p.s. this is what I am reading today on the web:  Created for More


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