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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

It is Friday.  Last day of the normal work week for the majority.  The day we look forward to sleeping in the next morning and the day we spend half our time planning our weekends.  I’ve got my reading weekend all lined up..  Here is how my weekend reading plan goes:

Friday – continue reading The Year of Wishful Thinking by Joan Didion.  I started this book yesterday and it is great. I am a huge fan of Joan Didion’s writing style and thought process.  I am on my way to finish reading everything that she has written (at least all her non-fiction and fiction books).  If I do not finish the book by end of tonight, I will be very close.

Saturday – if I have any of The Year of Wishful Thinking left to read, I will finish it first thing in the morning in bed with a cup of coffee.  Unfortunately, I have several things to take care of on Saturday so I will have limited time in the evening to read, but at some point I will start either Pete Dexter’s Paris Trout or Weight by Jeanette Winterson.  If anyone out there has read either of these books and feels like offering their opinion on which should be my weekend read, please let me know.  I’m stuck between the two.  On one hand, Paris Trout was recently brought to my attention by one of our site’s visitors and looks very interesting.  On the other hand this book Weight, has been sitting on my window seal for a long time and it is the perfect size for a quick weekend read.

This weekend I plan on working on an update about how the new Moleskine reading journal is on a user level rather than my last message about it, which was basically me just drooling over the prospect of it.  I have had it for about a week now and have been using since the first day it came in and I want to share what it has been like.  I have also decided that I am going to start strongly recommending that the members of this reading group keep one simply because they are wonderful and fun.  Not a requirement, just a recommendation.

I am also going to brighten up the Sea’s Reads page because as it stands now, it is fairly boring.  And besides the bit-o-boring factor – I have yet to update that page with the Challenges I am entering in personally and how my progress is going.

I was scouring the internet a bit yesterday and came across this blog site called Drunk Literature, which I have spent only a few minutes on thus far, but  have found it great so far.

There are a couple new Member profiles up so make sure to check those out and if you are a member and still do not have a profile up, yes, I am still asking that you chose to put one up.  It is not required, but this is an online book club, so we have to do our best to connect with one another in order to make it a unique book club and good experience.  Putting a name with a face is a nice way to connect if even a little.

This year I really hope to do some damage to my To Be Read list.  I have hundreds and hundreds of books all over my house, but the bulk live downstairs in the living room and office.  They are spilling out of the book shelve units, they are stacked on window ledges and desktops.  My room is basically my bed and books and only a small little table for my computer.  My garage even has a large population of books.  There are so many books that I have yet to touch and numerous books that are old favorites that I want to retouch and all the books I’ve bought to do self studies on various subjects.  There is a lot to read this year.  Obviously, my head is full of my reading endeavors today.  Toppling over, really.

Tell me about your thoughts on reading and stacks of books or anything else you wish to share on this Friday.



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