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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

This post brought to you by Sunday morning and two three four cups of coffee.

I updated our Book Raffle page.  The books that received no votes last month were taken down.  The books that received some feedback last month remain and are now joined by a few new possible future reads.  There are new posts on the Book Discussion page as well as new discussion questions.  I am now reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, which caused me to update the Sea’s Reads page, as well, though I will be working on that page throughout the week.  My plan is to add the challenges that I am personally participating in as well as scan some pictures of how my reading journal is coming along.

– G I V E A W A Y –

In March, there is going to be a giveaway challenge.  Throughout the month of March, the book club member with the highest participation will receive their very own Moleskine Passion Book Journal.  Here are the qualifiers:

1.  You have to be a member.  This means you have to have email subscribed.
2.  You have to have a member’s profile.  To see what this is, go here: Members
3.  You will have to have the highest level of participation (comments).
4.  There will only be one winner.

The winner will be announced March 31st!

Talk back at me.  Let me know how you all are.

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