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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

Last night I decided to put The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand on the shelf and pick up one of our March books, Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem.  I love Ayn Rand books so I’m going to feel anxious about returning to it the entire time I am reading Chronic City, but I am looking forward to a month of good discussion and I decided to be prepared to begin talking first thing come March.  I hope to read at least a third of the book beginning today and then also the next copule of days and be finished by the weekend.

Is everyone ready to kick off March?

Today is going to be a busy day for me. The following images are a look inside my head today:

(Moleskines, new computer coming, new computer bag coming, drinking coffee, reading Chronic City, vacuuming my house and studying).

What does your day look like?  What’s your Wednesday Rant? I’m around today, so let me know what you are up to.



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