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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

It starts at dusk.  The sloom calls and I feel a pull from deep within to heed the cry as if there is some structural obligation beckoning my submission to the requisition.

It’s basic sleepiness and it comes on earlier and earlier.

I am in need of a new reading space.  Some place to facilitate the balance I need – warmth, lighting & not being in my bed.

I am still reading Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem.  I started that way back on February … where is my reading journal….. here it is…. February 23rd!  And I am still not done with it.  I am, at least, nearing the end, but this book is made up of merely 467 pages and to take this long reading a book that I am absolutely infatuated with is ridiculousness.  Here is the pledge I am making to myself today: “Self – I promise to finish this book today!”

I wanted to share a few quotes from the book.  Normally, in any given novel there will be on average anywhere between 3-9 quotes that I want to write down and keep.  The downfall of the Moleskine Passion Book Journal is the limiting space for keeping quotes.  For Chronic City, I have had to sneak another page from another moleskine to continue keeping the massive amount of quotes.  Lethem is a writer that leads me to obsession.  Almost as if he is constantly feeding me some drug while I am reading.  Basically, Lethem’s words are drugs and I am an eager addict.  I just love the way he thinks.

“Perhaps I already adored Perkus Tooth, and already sensed that it was his friendship I required to usher me into the strange next phase of my being.”

“The horizon of everyday life was a mass daydream – below it lay everything that mattered.”

“His voice was dim, smoke-tight, wreathed in hours.”

“Where Perkus took me, in his ranting, in his enthusiasms, in his abrupt, improbable asides, was the world inside the world.”

“I suppose Perkus was the curiosity, I the curiousity-seeker, but he surely added me to his collection as much as the reverse.”

Jonathan Lethem gets under my skin.  His words teem my brain.

Anyone else enjoying a book this much?

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