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Reading With Sea

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As I read the last page, then the last sentence, then the last word and closed the back cover I felt trapped.  I always feel trapped when reading Lethem novels.  I want to devour the stories, to let my mind rum rampant inside his numerously-layered worlds constantly thick with fog, but when the book is over, I feel taken advantage of.  I feel abandoned, stringed along, promised fortitude and then abruptly dumped.  This is how good Chronic City is – now that the story is through – I feel distinctively left behind.  All I want to say to Jonathan Lethem is, “thanks for what you gave and when will you be back to give me more?”

Other Lethem books I have read:

You Don’t Love Me Yet
Amnesia Moon
Motherless Brooklyn
The Fortress of Solitude
How We Got Insipid

If you have never been properly introduced to Lethem’s work, allow me to recommend a place for you to start: The Fortress of Solitude.  Although my personal favorite, is still the first I ever read of his work, Motherless Brooklyn, which I just found out is in production to be a movie.


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