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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

I wanted to share a few quotes from Robert Cohen’s The HERE And NOW out of my reading journal.

“Ray Spurlock’s mind was one of those vigorous, lucid, multichambered, and zippily efficient organs that appear in the species as if by divine will and are promptly commissioned to run things.”

“The issue is focus.  The issue is structure.”

“Ours was that kind of closeness: involuted, messy, full of abrasion and division.  And yet each new separation, when it came, managed to disorient us completely.  Each new separation had a rich, idiosyncratic life of its own, bore its own unique freight of melancholy and emptiness.  Each new separation seemed a little harder than the last one to shake off.”

So, there you go – a peak into the lines that are grabbing me and winning their way into my moleskine.



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