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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

One of the things I enjoy immensely when I read is writing down quotes that jump out at me.  These can be full sentences or merely a couple words.  If I like the way an author words a thought I write it down.  I have done this for years.  On this note, I decided to add a new page to our site, entitled: My Moleskine.  Here you will find all of the snips I have written down from the books I am reading.  For whatever reason, be it sentimental, intellectual, inspiring or otherwise, these quotes have caught my attention and I want to keep them near.  Perhaps, I want to remember the way something is worded to inspire me to write or maybe I want to incorporate a certain sentiment into my language or life.  Everything that I write down is something that I want to be accessible so that I can revisit and revisit as often as I’d like.

I hope that you enjoy my sharing these with you.

Moleskines are Beautiful.



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