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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

There is this blog I found today entitled, Across the Page, and I admit, I didn’t spend much time skimming around, but I did discover listed 25 reasons to read.   It got me thinking, what would be my reasons to read if I were to write them all out.  And what are your reasons to read?

Reasons I Read.


1.  I read to widen my world, my mind, my knowledge, my experiences.  I do not believe that a person has to physically be involved in something to have an experience and so some of my experiences come from reading.  Most of these experiences, I will admit, are emotional experiences.  No one can truly understand… say, being in a plane crash by simply reading about it,but there are some emotional aspects about the situation that can become apart of the reader.

2. I read to expand my vocabulary.  I like to know words.  And reading helps me learn new ones.  It’s that simple.

3. The way we write is not always alined with the way we think.  I like to think of writing as a person’s “inner dialogue.”  This inner dialogue allows my understandings to be expanded in new ways.  I gleam new knowledge from reading that I couldn’t possibly get from any other medium.

4. I learn new things about myself when I read as there are bits and pieces of characters that I can connect to.  Even if that may not be by personality, I can often find the way they word something to pull something up inside myself as if to alert my senses.

5.  To be better prepared and to expand my trajectory.  I like to be well-versed and I like when my head is swimming the muck of numerous and even, at times, countless ideas and landscapes.  I like to have my senses dulled and then again sharpened.  I like to have my views well constructed and littered with good dialogue that hits at every angle.   I enjoy being able to enter into any conversation and reading only grants me this access.

6.  Reading for pleasure makes me a better reader and when I want to study, this skill comes in handy.

7.  I am an information-seeker.  Hands down, my curiosity does not still itself.  Even most of my dreams when I sleep are based on me finding and seeking out new information and ideas.

8. For connection.  If I read a lot, than I expand my bases and am able to have more ways in which I can connect with others.  I don’t want to forget to mention that being able to enter in more expansive conversation only gives me more space to connect with others.  Also, I love talking about the things I love with others who also love them.  These connections allow me to strengthen relationships as well as make new ones.

9.  Reading helps me calm down and quiet myself.  When I read it allows me to hear the authors voice and mind through the characters.  This skill helps me to replay this approach when in conversation with people and allows me to try to listen better and hear those inner workings and motivations perched inside the words of my family and friends.

10.  Reading is my escape.  When I am stressed or need inspiration, I find it deeply satisfying to enter another world for a while.  I enjoy reading.  I get pleasure from the act.  It refreshes me and it makes me intensely happy.



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