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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

Not such a good idea for me.

When I was asking for some tips on how to stay up so that I can get in some productive reading time at night, someone suggested I read in the bath because it is relaxing and would keep me from falling asleep on account that if I fall asleep in the bathtub I’m a goner. Here is how it went:

I gave it a try.
It relaxed me.
It relaxed me so well that before I knew it half my book was sitting in the water.
It took me reading half the page before I started to turn to the next page and realized that I couldn’t easily do that it being that it was completely soaked!
My book is still airing out, but at least
I am now a master hair dryer-book page-fixer upper.
Good thing it wasn’t a library borrow.
Good thing I like my books to show the result of a lot of love.

Maybe I should have been wearing one of these, whatever this is:

Apparently, this suit allows people to be in the bath and not get wet.  If I had one of these suits, I could zip the book inside the suit and turn the pages without the scare of getting the book wet.

Of course, now that I am thinking about it… I think I want one of these suits that I could wear the bath inside the suit.  This way, people can ask me what I am wearing and I can say, “I am wearing a bath.”  I could be in bed, wearing my bath, all nice and warm with some heating pads under me and an electric blanket on top to keep the water in my suit warm and reading away.  Then again, this also releases the fear of drowning, which I suppose would disregard the entire suggestion for reading in the bath as an avenue of remaining awake.  Oh, well.  On to the next suggestion.


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