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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

We are nearing the end of March.  This is the second full month that our group has been alive.  I cannot tell you all enough that the more input we share with one another, the better this group will be.  How do you want this group to look as we head further on down the road?

On that note, I want to open discussion now.  If you have ideas, reflections, complaints, comments, musings, wishes, desires, expectations, etc., etc., share them with us here, by responding to this post.  Let us know how we can improve our group and continue to make this experience beneficial and enjoyable.

Adrienne Rich wrote a collection of poems entitled, The Dream of a Common Language, which I have always thought to be a nice sentiment.  I hope you will chose to respond to this post and express your thoughts so we can move into our third month with excitement and continue to improve our reading group.


Are there any new directions we want to take?  Focuses we want to enter?  Trends we want to comment on?  Literature we want to explore?


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