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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

It is Saturday morning.  The sky, grey when I awoke, is making its collective effort to reflect blue.  Either way, no clouds in sight and that is a welcome situation.  I am meeting a fellow reading group member, Kelsey, for brunch in a few hours.  Later tonight I will be heading to the Elliot Bay Book Company for a reading, possibly their last, to hear Melissa Febos read from her recent publication, Whip Smart.  More on this later.

Here are my prospective focuses:

1. After brunch I will return home, straight to my desk, to write.  This will take hours as I have a lot to get done and my goal is to make my mind work like a machine.  Or, at the very least, be productive like an assembly line.

2. After hours of writing, I will return to my car, the highway, the streets of downtown Seattle, the blocks of Pioneer Square to hear Febos dazzle my mind and most likely make me blush, though involuntarily.

This isn’t making any sense to you yet.  Let me explain.  Melissa Febos is a woman who paid her way through a MFA program at Sarah Lawrence University by working as a professional dominatrix in New York City.  Now living in Brooklyn, she’s made the necessary sacrifice to travel across country, through the adventures of the Pacific Northwest, landed in Seattle and I will land in a seat in the crowd this evening and hear what she has to say.

Febos’ book, Whip Smart, is her first memoir.  And I say first because I am attempting to be realistic.  Everyone and their mother and third cousin, thrice removed are writing memoirs and if my tone sounds mildly sarcastic, it’s not.  I am up for the challenge of wading through the crap load of crapy memoirs to find the few gems, which is the balance that I believe exists in the collective existence of memoirs.  I have decided to collect memoirs by writers who will talk about their writing careers.  Namely, writing memoirs of writers.  Mouth full.  This idea being the only reason I recently bought Amy Tan’s The Opposite of Fate, when I have never read any of her work.

So, on this Saturday, I have adventures to run, writing to write and all the while I still have not finished American Rust.  I am taking it with me everywhere today so that I have the option of sneaking in a page here, a page there, a sentence, a word, anything that claims progress.

If I can run like a machine today, making use of every moment, today should be enjoyable.   I am announcing, just in case, that I am forcing myself to finish American Rust this weekend.  By the end of Sunday, sleep deprived or shame-filled, I will make the announcement of my next read.



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