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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

Member or not, writer or wannabe, if you want to write let me know.  I have mentioned an openness to have guest writers, here, and I did mean it.  Amatuer or professional, member profile or none, lurker or otherwise, let me know if you want to write something on the site.

Also, a lot of people have contacted me about writing letters, since I mentioned enjoying writing letters in some post, at some point in the past.  If you want to write letters, be my guest.  Find one another and if it feels safe, exchange information and become pen pals.  I would encourage that.  In fact, I am presently.  There is nothing like receiving a hand written note in the mail.  Please just make sure you do not post your address online, please exchange that information by private email.  After years of being a probation officer, I have a few precautions, even though I am retired from that line of career.



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