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Reading With Sea

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It was the last thing I wanted to take up the space of today, but the only thing I read today – American Rust.   Intellectual gravity has grounded me in the center of this novel for days, no weeks now.  I have been avoiding it, while muttering insults and gripes about it in my head like a frantic person.  I have been trying my absolute best for a month now to read this book and at last, today, I have given up.  I have abandoned and I am eagerly admitting that I find this book dumb.  Simply and utterly, dumb.  Really, on every level I can think of.

The character develop lacks… everything.  The plot is strictly and outrageously contrite.  I have found myself bored and bored to no end.  I am drawing a line, holding boundaries and making a claim:  I have abandoned American Rust.  Philipp Meyer, I want you to chose a different career or, in the very least, get some help and practice in before attempting another novel.  I cannot get the word dumb out of my mind.  I feel so aggravated by this book that I am finding no capacity within myself to articulately divulge the details of failings this book makes.

I spent so much time last month, with American Rust, avoiding, persisting, becoming irate, avoiding, persisting, becoming provoked, avoiding, persisting, becoming exasperated, that my reading was completely unproductive.  And now I feel more pressure than ever to make up for the loss that was last month as I have collected new books with no slowness.  I hate abandoning books.  It does not provide good feelings.  When I am evading finishing a book that I am not enjoying I carry too much guilt to pick up and read anything else.  Now that I am through trying with this book, I feel such a relief, such weight lifted.

(sigh) Ahh, well, on to better books I go…



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