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Reading With Sea

A book club on your own time

What is this blog?

This blog serves the purpose of facilitating an online reading group, Reading With Sea. Members and guests alike come to this site to vote on books to read, discuss the books they are currently reading, meet their fellow members, and participate in reading challenges.  Often I will throw in a little of what is on my mind.  Who am I?  My name is Sea, nice to meet you.

What is this reading group/book club like?

This will be different than any other book club/reading group you have experienced, thought about experiencing or had a nightmare about experiencing. This is the point. Too often (or for me every time) I have thought about joining a book club and looked up all the options locally, my schedule has been in conflict or the books they are reading just do not sound that appealing, but yet when I am reading something that for one reason or another grabs at me I feel an urge to talk about it with someone who understands.  Quite simply, it’s nice to talk to people who know what you are saying because how often does that really happen in life?

The rule of thumb for any reading group is that you aren’t going to love every single book on the list, but in this reading group, if you happen to feel that way – big whoop.  Just read something else on your own and then jump back in the next month.  This reading group is entirely flexible.  Read on your own time, discuss on your own time as much or as little as you wish.  If you are a homebody and you have internet, this is the perfect way for you to be apart of a reading group.  If you are a busy-body and your schedule is cramped, this is still the perfect way for you to be apart of a reading group.  If you have friends who do not have the same schedule as you or even area code, this is the perfect way for you to all join a reading group together.  If you travel, this is the place for you.  If you move, your book club stays with you.  The only reason not to join is if you hate reading and if you hate reading you scare me.

If you are already involved with a book club or reading group that meets in person, you can feel free to use Reading With Sea as a foundation to follow along or help you chose your next read and discussion questions.

Email me with questions.  Email me with suggestions, curiosities and recommendations.  Invite anyone you want.  The book of the month will be posted the week before the current month ends giving people time to find their copy of the upcoming read.  Please be nice to the environment and buy used whenever possible.  Also, if you feel like introducing yourself on the blog site follow your whim.  If you do that’s hip and if you don’t, it’s not un-hip.

This group is open to everyone.  Invite who you would like.  Come as you are.  Read at your leisure.  Read for your pleasure.  Build your library.  Find others who love the same books as you or hate the same books as you.  Make it your own.  I hope you will join us.


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