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Not such a good idea for me.

When I was asking for some tips on how to stay up so that I can get in some productive reading time at night, someone suggested I read in the bath because it is relaxing and would keep me from falling asleep on account that if I fall asleep in the bathtub I’m a goner. Here is how it went:

I gave it a try.
It relaxed me.
It relaxed me so well that before I knew it half my book was sitting in the water.
It took me reading half the page before I started to turn to the next page and realized that I couldn’t easily do that it being that it was completely soaked!
My book is still airing out, but at least
I am now a master hair dryer-book page-fixer upper.
Good thing it wasn’t a library borrow.
Good thing I like my books to show the result of a lot of love.

Maybe I should have been wearing one of these, whatever this is:

Apparently, this suit allows people to be in the bath and not get wet.  If I had one of these suits, I could zip the book inside the suit and turn the pages without the scare of getting the book wet.

Of course, now that I am thinking about it… I think I want one of these suits that I could wear the bath inside the suit.  This way, people can ask me what I am wearing and I can say, “I am wearing a bath.”  I could be in bed, wearing my bath, all nice and warm with some heating pads under me and an electric blanket on top to keep the water in my suit warm and reading away.  Then again, this also releases the fear of drowning, which I suppose would disregard the entire suggestion for reading in the bath as an avenue of remaining awake.  Oh, well.  On to the next suggestion.


Today is going to be a good reading day.  I can feel it in my bones.  Speaking of bones, I have updated the Book Raffle page. There are new books from various authors laying claim on places all over the world.  Please check them out, read them, become familiar, and make any suggestions of other books that you want added to the list & page.  I will leave the Book Raffle page with no poll for voting for a little while and let everyone read the descriptions and have some time to have books added.  In about a week or two I will add the poll to the page and open voting up for MAY reads.

Just as a reminder, here are the April winners.

I have been enjoying and loving adding quotes and books to my Moleskine reading journal.  Has anyone gone out and bought one of their own?  Of course, if you haven’t and are interested in owning one, the March giveaway is still anyone’s challenge to win.

I have tried the new Sharpie Pen out.  I heard the word on the street was that this new pen was suppose to be Moleskine safe and guess what?  It is!  I got one just last night (thank you Frank) and have already been enjoying using it in my reading journal and other Moleskines.

You all know that lately I have been increasingly concerned with my reading time.  What you don’t know is that these are my constant worries and thoughts and that I have merely been writing about them more openly.  Not being satisfied with the amount of time I have to read is an ongoing existing factor in my day-to-day life.  I have been trying out techniques that you all so graciously suggested and I will continue to work on them.  I still need a new desk for writing and some reading.  I still need to create a good reading space.  I have settled on a desk and will be making this one (hopefully, sometime in March):

I am still debating where to create a better reading space, but I wish I could have this space:

With the exception that my shelves would not be white, they would have to be a darker would stain.  The floors would not be tiled and so sterile looking, they need to be warmer, the chair would be slightly more luxurious, and the picturing hanging next to the fire place would be a Jacques-Louis David.  Either of the two following:


I am a huge fan of Jacques-Louis David.

I am feeling terrific about this week and my reading goals.  Hopefully, if all goes as planned, by the end of March, I will feel victorious at surmounting at least some of my night stand pile, since it’s huge and only continues to grow.  Maybe I’ll feel this good:

I’ll leave you with some questions for you to answer:

1.  How has your reading gone this week, so far?
2.  What does your perfect reading space include?
3.  Who is reading what from the March selections?


The Book Raffle poll is now clsoed for voting. And the April reading selection winners are:

1. The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano

2. Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein

3. The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Thank you to all of you who voted.

Again, I just want to reframe the monthly selections “schedule.”  You do not have to read all three books for any given month.  You may chose, which of the books you would like to read and if you have the time and desire, you may read two of the three or three of the three.  It is all dependent on your schedule and interests.  If none of the three books sounds interesting to you, I have this to say: Let me know what you want to read and I will gladly and I mean, GLADLY add it to the book raffle page.

I am currently researching new books to list on the Book Raffle page, so if anyone has a book they are interested in reading in future months, now would be a good time to send those options to me and I’ll get them posted.  The books that received a minimum of one vote last month will remain on the Book Raffle page for one more month.

If anyone has the desire to lead a discussion on any of the books for April, please let me know.

As for my personal reading…. This week I am going to finish: The Catcher in the Rye, The Here and Now, and American Rust.  This week will hold both a ton of reading and of writing, though I may be over-comitting myself, this is my aim.

Here is the scoop on the March Giveaway: Nicole is in first place, with both Danielle and Frank close behind.  At this point, it is still anyone’s to win.  I am getting excited as we come into the half way point of the month because this Moleskine Journal is amazing!

I need your opinions and feedback!  All of you. During the month of February, we as a group, read one book.  Then in March, we selected three books.  I would really like to hear from each of you to determine how you are liking the set up of the group.  Is it working for you?  Do some things need to be changed or altered?  What is difficult?  Are there things that are confusing.  Etc., Etc.  Please send me your feedback either by replying to this post with your comments, or you may email me directly.

I very much would like to hear from all of you as this group is really not about me making all the decisions and setting up the structure, but for all of us, as the members, to have a say in how things go and what we read.  Also, if you have been following the site or lurking around here and there checking things out, please tell me what would make this group more appealing?  How can we win your “membership?”  What could make this group better?


It seems that evening reading, prior to bed, holds the most potential for productive reading.  The issue is that I get tired and have a difficult time keeping awake, thus crushing my intentions and aspirations of gratifying reading time.  I cannot seem to get as much reading done to satisfy my desire.  Now, this is always going to be the situation in a sense, since I have an unending list of things I want to read and subjects to explore, and, at some point, I have to sleep, but my question to you, today, is this:

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions on how to stay awake?  I am not going to consume any of those energy drinks, so aside from that, what should I do?


It starts at dusk.  The sloom calls and I feel a pull from deep within to heed the cry as if there is some structural obligation beckoning my submission to the requisition.

It’s basic sleepiness and it comes on earlier and earlier.

I am in need of a new reading space.  Some place to facilitate the balance I need – warmth, lighting & not being in my bed.

I am still reading Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem.  I started that way back on February … where is my reading journal….. here it is…. February 23rd!  And I am still not done with it.  I am, at least, nearing the end, but this book is made up of merely 467 pages and to take this long reading a book that I am absolutely infatuated with is ridiculousness.  Here is the pledge I am making to myself today: “Self – I promise to finish this book today!”

I wanted to share a few quotes from the book.  Normally, in any given novel there will be on average anywhere between 3-9 quotes that I want to write down and keep.  The downfall of the Moleskine Passion Book Journal is the limiting space for keeping quotes.  For Chronic City, I have had to sneak another page from another moleskine to continue keeping the massive amount of quotes.  Lethem is a writer that leads me to obsession.  Almost as if he is constantly feeding me some drug while I am reading.  Basically, Lethem’s words are drugs and I am an eager addict.  I just love the way he thinks.

“Perhaps I already adored Perkus Tooth, and already sensed that it was his friendship I required to usher me into the strange next phase of my being.”

“The horizon of everyday life was a mass daydream – below it lay everything that mattered.”

“His voice was dim, smoke-tight, wreathed in hours.”

“Where Perkus took me, in his ranting, in his enthusiasms, in his abrupt, improbable asides, was the world inside the world.”

“I suppose Perkus was the curiosity, I the curiousity-seeker, but he surely added me to his collection as much as the reverse.”

Jonathan Lethem gets under my skin.  His words teem my brain.

Anyone else enjoying a book this much?

Read on,

I have been searching for a desk.  Space is limited momentarily so I want something on the small/medium side of sizing.  After searching and searching and looking at everything on craigslist, I found an image of a desk that is unique and about the size that I am seeking.  I am thinking about making it, but I need a second opinion.  What do you think about this desk?

Or… this one: